Saturday, November 7, 2015

Twenty 20 emerges victorious in Kizhakkambalam

KOCHI: Twenty 20 has emerged victorious victory by winning 17 out of 19 seats in Kizhakkambalam panchayat in Ernakulam.

The party is under Anna-Kitex Group of Companies. The company had fielded 19 candidates in all wards of the Kizhakkambalam village panchayat posing a challenge to the LDF, UDF and the BJP.

A corporate group has fielded its candidates in the polls for the first time in the history of civic body polls. Twenty 20 contested in all wards of the panchayat, block divisions and district panchayats.

The garment group which has its production units in Kizhakkambalam, claims that its aim was to make the region a model village. However, the rival parties allege that the company wants to take over the control of the panchayat to further its business interests.

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