Friday, November 6, 2015

Bar case review petition: Vigilance faces HC wrath

KOCHI: The Vigilance department which approached the court seeking to review its verdict against Finance Minister Mani today faced the court’s harsh criticism. The court said that in the bar bribery case, the Vigilance director had flouted rules and surpassed the limitations of Vigilance Manual. He also overstepped his official authority.

“The Vigilance director should not have handled in such a way the report submitted by a senior officer. He should have gone by the officer’s investigation report,” said the court, which asked why money was taken to the finance minister’s house.    

At the same time, the court observed that there was no remarks against the Vigilance and the verdict was not in any way damaging to the Vigilance department. The court also asked why Advocate General had appeared for the Vigilance department in the court.

It was justice Kamal Pasha who considered the Vigilance’ petition. The court added that the verdict in the case would be pronounced on Monday.

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