Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hostel inmates stage public protest

KOCHI: The inmates of a private ladies hostel here on Monday staged a public protest alleging the hostel authorities of denying food and demanding action against them. The protestors, who took to the street and gathered at the Deshabhimani junction in the evening, said several hostel inmates were suffering from stomach problems, pain in abdomen and dehydration and blamed it on the substandard food served to them. “When we questioned it, they denied food to us. We then took up the issue with the hostel warden, she said nothing could be done without permission from the hostel management’’, they said.

The issue was settled about an hour later with a police team from the Ernakulam North police station intervening in the issue. After holding a discussion with the hostel authorities, the police settled the dispute by forming a mess committee comprising a police officer, three inmates and the hostel warden. The police further directed the hostel management to desist from taking vindictive action against the inmates, who took part in the protests. There are about 85 women staying in the hostel, who are paying a monthly fee ranging between Rs 4,000 to 10,000.

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