Friday, November 6, 2015

Snag amidst re-polling, issue quite serious, says Aryadan

TIRUR: The snag developed amidst re-polling in Malappuram is a serious issue, said Minister Aryadan Muhammed. Such incidents are a threat to democracy. Lapses have occurred from the side of officials and it should be investigated, he said.

The voting machines in some booths in Malappuram and Thrissur where re-polling is underway developed a snag today also. The machines in Kottepadath of Chunkathara panchayat in Malappuram and Pariyapuram developed a snag. Efforts are taken to rectify it.

A snag was noticed in the voting machine at Kaippamangalam in Thrissur. Though polling was stopped for some time, it resumed later.

Voting machines in almost 250 booths developed a technical snag yesterday. It was found corrupted even after repaired. Replaced ones were also found defective. The authorities had to replace the machines thrice. The election commission found the error in the press error.

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