Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Snag noticed in voting machines in Malappuram

MALPPURAM: An attempt to sabotage voting for the second phase of civic polls in Malappuram has been suspected. Anomalies were noticed in the voting machines in almost 270 polling booths. A snag was noticed in the voting machine in Thrissur also. The district administration suspect a manufacturing defect.  The snag was noticed in the machines in 30 polling booths in Thrissur. A detailed investigation has started.

Cello tapes, stickers and pieces of paper were stuffed in the voting machines in Malappuram. Voting was disrupted here in the beginning. A move to sabotage the polls was suspected after an investigation was conducted on the snag reported from several places. Following massive complaint, the election commissioner sought an explanation from the Malappuram district collector. A report has been sought from Malappuram SP. What happened actually is being assessed.

The snag was noticed in the strong foothold of Muslim League. Following the snag, voting was disrupted for almost three hours. It will also be investigated whether those who exercised their votes earlier have a role in it. They are likely to have stuffed the things in the machines.

An investigation is also conducted on how such a massive scale of snag has been manipulated. League state general secretary K P A Majeed sought a probe on the incident.

Let the election commission evaluate the situation, said Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. The sources of the election commission hint that a chance will be given to the voters to cast their votes till 5 pm. In the meanwhile, the district collector has given a report on the snag to the election commission. The report has hinted that inexperience of election officials is the reason for the snag. The officials tried to opt out of the election duty till the previous day. They were not given enough training for the duty.

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