Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kerala House beef raid unlawful: Report

NEW DELHI: Delhi government has got a report that in the beef raid conducted in the Kerala house in New Delhi recently, the Delhi police had made some mistakes. It has said that raiding in the name of selling beef was against norms.   

“The police do not have the authority to raid canteen. If there are complaints, it is the Animal Welfare department that should have conducted the examination. But the Delhi police conducted the raid breaching all limits of its authority. There was no law and order problem over the sale of beef in the canteen. Soon after receiving the complaint the Delhi police sprang into action without trying to understand the real facts behind,” the report said.  

The report affirmed that police barged into the Kerala house to inspect whether the beef was being served. It is the Animal welfare department that should have acted on any complaint. If the police had got the compliant, they should have handed it over to the Animal Welfare department instead of taking action directly. Before the raid, Delhi police also didn’t take the permission of the Kerala house, the report says.

It is recommended in the report that the police should be issued with instruction on how to handle such complaints. The public should also be educated about the legal procedures that will follow in such instances.

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