Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Law Secy disapproves of footing Mani's legal bill

THIRVANANTHAPURAM: In the bar bribery case, it has come to light that Vigilance had sought the legal advice from the judges of the Supreme Court without following certain normal procedures. Law Secretary noted in the file that private legal advice was sought without the recommendation of the Advocate General or Law department.

Vigilance director's demand that senior advocates Mohan Parasaran and Nageswara Rao be paid Rs 7 lakh as legal fees was also rejected by the Law Secretary. Ironically, Finance Minister K M Mani is in charge of the Law department.

Former Vigilance director Winson M Paul is alleged to have bypassed Vigilance advocates and Advocate General and sought Supreme court judges' advice. Both had given advices in Mani’s favour. Though the AG was in favour of the government meeting legal expense of Mani, law secretary said a curt no to it in writing.

The Vigilance court also had criticised the Vigilance director for bypassing the government advocates and approaching the SC advocates,

Now finally Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala has seen the law secretary's report and he has sent it to Finance department additional secretary K M Abraham to give a final report whether there was any precedence where the legal expense of the kind was met by the government.

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