Thursday, November 19, 2015

Onchiyam Panchayat for RMP; Munnar for UDF

ONCHIYAM: Onchiyam Panhcyat of Kozhikode district will be ruled by RMP, which had won the election with the help of the Muslim League.  JD (U) and Congress abstained from today’s voting. Kavitha is the panchayat president.  

Out of the total 17 seats in Onchiyam, CPM has 7 seats, RMP -6 and UDF 4 seats. The UDF’s decision was to vote for the RMP, if the latter and the CPM vied for power.    

But the RMP leaders said they had not sought the support of UDF and it had voted on its own.

The Congress had earlier maintained that it would help the RMP in order to ensure that the CPM doesn’t come to power. In Cherode Panchayat Congrsss came to power with the help of RMP.

Meanwhile, in Munnar panchayat, UDF took over the governance with the help of Pen Pillai Orumai. UDF had given a package including Vice-president’s post to Penpillai Orumai.

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